Collagraph prints are made by printing from a plate constructed on either mountboard or very thin plywood. The texture is built up like a collage, hence the name collagraph, using a variety of mediums and then the plate is inked and printed using a press. Because the image is printed under pressure the image is embossed into the paper. Each print is completely unique even if they have been printed from the same plate or even with the same colours.  Visit my Facebook page 
All You Need is Love

Under the Hot Sun
'Breathe' $150.00
Collagraph handprint with an ecological itheme.  Available in several colorways. Matted ready for framing in 16in x 20in frame.
Music in Blue
Collagraph handprint with a musical theme.
Mask in Red and Blue
Red mask
Handpulled collagraph of a fantasy mask.
Image size 13 x 19 in
Distant Water 1
Image size 8 x 7 in
Blue Totem.
Image size 20 x 4 in
Signs of Life
Image size 24 x 7 in
Luna Landscape
Image size 13 x 18.5 in
Image size 20 x 8 in
Click on small images to see a bigger image.
Work from the "Musical Series" the "Mask Series" and two Ecological pieces.
Here are some prints from my Kimono series featuring both Kimonos and Happy Coats in different patterns. They are loosely based on the  Kimono shape which is a wonderful shape to design within. It has been a very enjoyable series for me as I have been able to combine colour and asymmetrical design both of which I love. Click on an image to see it larger.
Happy Coat.
Happy Coat.
Autumn Leaves Kimono
Happy Coat
Kimono 1. This style was the first Kimono pattern that I made.
Flow 1 - Collagraph on paper - 10 x 10 in