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This is what my parents thought I would get into if I went away to art school so as you can imagine I wasn't supported in that idea. Also there were very few jobs in the creative field in NZ at the time so they encouraged me to pursue other options where I stood a chance of earning a living.

Over the years I often dabbled in art but it was not until my three children were teenagers and we came to live in Toronto that I really started taking it seriously. 

By complete serendipity, I found my way to an Art Therapy course at Arscura. The teaching was based on Rudolph Steiner of Waldorf School fame. Part of the course training was to re-teach what we had learned, to our own clients.

After a move to Ottawa I spent eight years teaching a variety of courses under the name Art Insight. These courses were focused on personal development through art rather than the therapy side of creativity. I used some of the art therapy material and incorporated other great personal development information. This was gained though exposure to an amazing business course developed by Lou Tice and his wife Diane, called "Investment in Excellence".

A five year stay in the UK provided more art training and the new medium of Collagraph Printmaking which I studied under the fantastic printmaker Peter Wray RA.

Back in Toronto again and with a lovely studio to work in, my work really got underway.

My absolute joy in life is to go into the studio and paint.  It is what I have always wanted to do.  Painting really is a form of meditation to me.  It's a time of single minded focus and all else drops away.  Time passes without me being even aware of it.  

I work completely intuitively reacting to what has gone before and letting the shapes that arrive suggest the next mark to make.  I never have any idea of what I am going to paint except for choosing the colour I want to work with. I often look back on a painting that I have done and wonder how I actually managed to do it!  If I love the piece I am scared that I may not be able to make one as good again.  It is a VERY mysterious process.

                                     WHAT I BELIEVE

​I have been a vegetarian for forty years but recently I have been awakened even further to the absolute horror and suffering caused to animals, the planet and humans by the food we choose to eat.  Because of this I have chosen to change my diet and eat only plant based foods and so become vegan.

When I see the number of people who are suffering because they are overweight, sick with diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease, all afflictions affected by diet I feel very sad. I want to show by the example of my life an alternative and more compassionate way of living that is also proven to enhance health and wellness.