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As a child growing up in NZ my Father’s ability to draw almost anything seemed magical to me. I always wanted to be an artist magician too.

To me, non-objective or abstract painting is the most difficult, exciting and compelling form of art making. It is “Making the Unknown Visible”.

I want my work to speak of harmony, joy, and connection to something deeper. Most people want this in their lives and although the imagery comes through and is personal to me, I know that others pick up these feelings and also resonate deeply to them.
Working intuitively, lines, shapes and colours emerge from somewhere deep. It seems wondrous that there is an endless supply of imagery to be discovered and mined and it’s not just line and shape. So much of what I create is bound up with my feeling response to colour.  

I work mainly in acrylic, on wood panels or on canvas. I am a layerist in that I work with many layers of paint, covering over and scraping back into these layers, a form of excavation that creates a sense of depth, history and mystery. 

My recent work shows glints of gold and silver leaf, a metaphor perhaps, for the undiscovered potential within we all have. 

Having moved many times and lived in four different countries the experience along with the wonderful people I have been privileged to meet and learn from has greatly enriched my creativity.

My work is in collections in NZ, Canada, the US and Europe. I continue to work, teach and exhibit in downtown Toronto. I am happy to have you visit me, by appointment, in my super new light filled studio.

I don't have any current works on exhibition but my studio is always open by appointment.  Email me to arrange a time.
selected exhibitions

2018 The Artist Project, Toronto,ON.

2017 TOAE, Toronto, ON, Canada.
2017 The Latcham Gallery Annual Juried Exhibition, Stouffville, ON, Canada.
2017 The Artist Project, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2016 TOAE, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
2016 Seven Squared. Art Square Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2016 A Good Chemistry. Two person show. Robert D Carrier Gallery, Toronto, ON,               Canada.

2015 Six Squared. Art Square Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
2015 TOAE. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2014 Spectrum Group Exhibit. Arta Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

2011 Alchemy in Colour. Solo Show. Marianne van Silfhout Gallery, Brockville, Ontario,         Canada.

2009 AAC Dogwood Show. Atlanta, GA. Honorable Mention.

2008 AAC's 5th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Atlanta, GA
2008 AAC's "Saturation" Show. Atlanta, GA. Second Place.
2008 The Art Of Music, Mills Pond House Gallery, Smithtown, NY

2006 artexny 2006 Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, UK
2006 Handprint Studio Group Exhibition, City Screen Gallery, York, UK
2006 Life Works, Yorko Gallery, Harrogate, UK

2005 The Sypio Group Exhibition, Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK
2005 Giants of Flora, Retrospectives Gallery, Stratford Upon Avon, UK
2005 York Open Studios, York, UK

2004 The Sypio Group Exhibition, Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK

1999 The Eye Of Experience,. Juried by the Curator of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada

1997 The National Capital Kidney Foundation Art Exhibition, Ottawa, Canada.  

1994 to 1997 A Source of Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada.  

Solo show
1993 Elemental Works. City of Markham Theatre Gallery, Markham, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

1997 to 2001 Ongoing exhibitions with the ARTiz group. Ottawa, Canada.  

Work in Corporate and private collections in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland and China.

Ongoing classes in Collagraph Printmaking and Non-objective painting in my Toronto studio.

2017 Non-objective Painting Workshop for the Forrest Hill Art Club.
2016 Non-objective Painting Workshop for the TWA
2015 Non-objective Painting Workshop for the Forrest Hill Art Club
2014 Collagraph Printmaking Workshop for the Forrest Hill Art Club

Founder of ‘ The Art Insight Studio’, I developed and taught a series of courses on 
using art for personal development and inner growth. I taught both in Ottawa and Toronto, Canada, over a period of nine years.

​In Toronto in the early 90’s I trained with Regina Curak at Arscura, a teaching that focused on art as a curative discipline.