Collagraph is an exciting, unfussy and intuitive form of printmaking. The name comes, as the word suggests, from the word “collage” meaning to glue or to stick on. This type of printmaking allows you to create dynamic multi coloured prints in one pass through the press.

I am really excited about a completely new way of sharing this wonderful form of printmaking with you!

I have created an ONLINE workshop that covers everything I know about Collagraphs from the very basic to more advanced techniques. It takes place over a period of eight weeks and consists of videos, written notes and a Private Facebook group for discussions and sharing.  

I firmly believe that online learning has a big advantage over doing workshops in my own studio. The main advantage being that you have the info there for whenever you want it and can work at the lessons in your own time. I often find that there is so much info for people to absorb in a weekend workshop that a lot of the information is not retained as well as it could be.  The other big advantage is that anything you didn't get the first time, you can go back, revisit the video and view it many times until you understand it fully.  

I offered the course for the first time in September 2018.  If you are interested in taking part the next time it is offered or if you are even just slightly intrigued as what it is all about, why not join my community now and receive more information as it becomes available.  

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Along with all the printmaking techniques, design and presentation will be covered along with a focus on how to create fearlessly!

Be in to find out more!

I studied under a master printmaker, Peter Wray RE, at Handprint Studio in the UK and I hope to pass on his inspirational methods here in Toronto.

Comments by people who have recently taken my printmaking workshops;

                             "Excellent Instructor"                 Lawrence McGill  -  Artist,  Art Instructor and Member of the                                                                                                                              Workshop Committee for the Don Valley Art Club.

                            "Susanne did and excellent job in presenting the workshop with enthusiasm and clarity!  A great workshop".                                  
                                                                               Carolyne Pascoe TWS, 
                                                                               Past President Toronto Watercolour Society.

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