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I am sitting beside my father at the kitchen table watching him draw. 'What would you like me to draw next" he would ask.  An animal or some other fun thing would pop into my mind and he would quickly make it appear on the page.  He seemed to be able to draw almost anything and it was absolutely magical to me. Right from the start I knew I wanted to weave that powerful magic too.

As a child I was always drawing and making things. I remember building small clay figures and painting a huge spaceman backdrop for a school play.  Creating was fun and exciting.

But when I finished high school sex and drugs put a damper on it all!   More...........



I have been a vegetarian for forty years but recently I have been awakened even further to the absolute horror and suffering of animals, the planet and humans caused by the food we choose to eat. This has caused me to ...   More


To reduce suffering upon this planet and create well considered, uplifting and authentic art and then have it go out into the world to bring joy and pleasure to others.


I am a non objective painter, collagraph printmaker and workshop leader. I also love to try ANY creative medium.

I sell my work in Canada and worldwide to help creative art loving people bring personality, interest and beauty to their homes and offices.  Commissions for special projects are an exciting option for me.

I get great pleasure and fun out of sharing the knowledge I have with others through workshops. 

Recently I created an eight week online collagraph printmaking course which was enjoyed by people all over the world. You can see more about this here.